Looking back on it all.......perhaps we've had a 'lucky escape'...sent to me today from a Lawyer friend

She is also a successful business-woman....

Interesting viewing..and goes right back to the formation of the EU......Nigel Farage 'pops up' from time to time, (so some of you wont like that)...but so do the thoughts of Winston Churchill....and some of the likely imminent plans of the EU mandarins and indebtedness ...which is/were worrying...


What do you think ?

You do realize who produces videos like this one, don't you? Full of dangerous, jejune demagoguery. Posted to Youtube by someone who has no name but 'Neon God' and wears a mask.

I'm having dinner at the Reform club in a fortnight's time with lots of lawyers, I'll report back on what they have to say.

Another video with perhaps more reliable credentials:


Ta very much Hilary, that all seems to reflect what I was taught in History, and what I remember of the events ever since then.

Whereas the spiel from Michael Dougan starts with his opening statement that his job for the University is to teach European Constitutional Law, and by that, it is obvious that his career, his salary, and his continuance, depends on the UK remaining part of the EU.

Just in case if anyone wondered why the British majority voted to leave, this report by Mike Carter of the Guardian accurately reflects exactly what I see when I travel the UK.


Ah, obviously as he's an expert there's no need to pay attention to what he says. At least he is up-front about whatever biais he may have. And I'm surprised you interpret the Grauniad article as an attack on the EU when it's clearly an attack on UK governments since Mrs Thatcher & particularly on the policies of the present one.

More info from the FT:


It's always useful to read the commentaries on pieces of clickbait produced by the Guardian. Its certainly not what I see in the majority of the former United Kingdom.