Looking for a 2 day a week stage for a computer programing student. Bordeaux

No1 son is in his 3rd year of his masters in Computer programming, to be precise he is repeating his 3rd year.

He is looking for a 2 day per week stage in and around Bordeaux. He is bilingual , French and English, I can get him to send me his CV so I can pass it on, if anyone knows of anywhere.

I am informed by him that he knows and I quote;

Web: HTML & CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CMS Drupal et Wordpress, SQL

Programmation: C, C++, PYTHON, OPENGL, XML

Just to add

OS Windows, Unix, Fedora, Debian, Mandriva, Ubuntu, ArcLinux...

Others SVN usage, Photoshop and Bilingual in French and English