Looking for a bilingual Virtual Assistant in Paris or SE France


Its time that as a solo entrepreneur I had some help with my business. There is not enough work to keep anyone employed full or even part time so I believe that a VA would be good.

Does anyone know of someone they could recommend?

The type of work I do is in the field of education/training/coaching and would want help with diverse tasks including follow up enquirers and doing some admin work in French.



Hi Barbara

As a charitable association, we have outsourced work to Hayley Gilks - a V.A. based in our local area. She has been very efficient and a pleasure to work with, can't recommend her highly enough. Her website is www.virtualassistantinfrance.com

Kind Regards


Thanks Louise and I will email you direct.


Thanks Sandra. I will contact her.

Hi Barbara

I am starting out as a Virtual Assistant. Previously I was working in education, teaching English. My email is louise@lmdtranslationofficeservices.com



I can recommend Jane Bell who lives in Toulouse. She owns PA Virtual Services