Looking for a Cleaner in the Cahor area

I am looking for a cleaner in the Cahor area for a holiday rental. This would not be a weekly contract, but an ‘on demand’ employment situation. Does anyone have any tips please? Thank you!

Is it for changeovers? I know someone about 12-15 miles North-North East of Cahors, who told me she did changeovers on Saturdays and said she could be interested to hear about other work. It was a while ago but I could check with her if there’s any more info about location, regularity, is it just seasonal? PM me if you’d like or I’ll look to see if you post any more info

I hope this is not on the black because they will find you

The OP is looking for a cleaner, how they decide to pay is nothing to do with you, me or anyone else


Hi Karen. It is for changeovers but we are south west of Cahor, near Luzech. That is probably too far to travel? Thanks for replying and let me know if job is still of interest. Rima

Sorry to tell you Mark it does I spent 4years with the tax people on my back , pay your tax they find you and probably reading this site. You have put up your commercial sites here, the best of luck

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Hi Rima, checked on the map and very West of Cahors. Probably 45min driving each way, quite a hefty petrol cost, for occasional work I think you will need someone closer. Good luck in your search.

As it is irregular work, cheque emploi service is the easiest way of paying for that service and staying legal. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @Rima and welcome to the forum…

As @vero has said… there is the cheque emploi service…
I’ve used that on occasions, for a friend’s place, and found the cleaner did a wonderful job. However, it might not be suitable for a “last minute phone call” sort of thing… as I know they are very busy.
Other than that… you might find your Mairie has a shelf/board where folk leave their business cards (ours does which is why I suggest it)… take a look and/or ask your neighbours.
Used to be b/cards and adverts at the local supermarkets etc

best of luck

Can I ask how cheque emploi works? Does it cover all trades?

The Mairie put me in touch, via telephone… but I think this might be useful as it explains how a private person can “employ” someone correctly and easily.

this site lists general home/garden type stuff - 26 activities

Thank you, Stella. that is very useful information. Appreciate it. Have a good day.

Warmest wishes,


I’m looking for the same service. Is the mentioned one still available? Also, other updated are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

this link is up-to-date (as at 30 March 2023) :+1:

I was employed privately by wealthy home owners from Paris to manage/clean their huge holiday home in the next commune where I lived up until beg last year. I was under the URSSAF/CESU chèque emploi scheme whereby the employer did all the paperwork and I received a monthly official payslip from URSSAF showing all the deductions/contributions etc and which was also sent directly from them to the Impôts and printed on my tax form to verify and sign for. The employer also gained credit impôt on their tax bill and had to pay me what URSSAF instructed them or more if they wanted to. You get protection via this system if you are not a full time employee in a business.