Looking for a Connemara stallion

…preferably in Landes, Pyrenées Atlantiques or Lot et Garonne. Our mare isn’t a good traveller and so if possible under 100km from Dax.

Our mare is an Andalusian/Arab measuring about 1m57 and we would ideally like an ‘end-product’ of around 1m50… I know that product size is by no means an exact science but a stallion with a good temperament of around 1m45 would be ideal.

If anyone knows or has an appropriate stallion, please let me know. Thanks !

Here she is in all her tubby splendour

I hadn’t explored the horse area of SFN - I don’t know if you found your heart’s desire for your mare but the “Landais”" ponies are a good choice and stallions of this breed are plentiful in your area for
classical “mating” there are 3 in the “haras nationaux” in your area - This suggestion is probably too late in the year for you , but it is still possible time wise. You leave your mare there and she is pasture kept for a few days but the stallion is not roaming in the field with the mares - he is held while he does his “duty”. But the “frozen” or “refrigerated” semen also work well as the hormonal state of the mare is checked with a “teasing stallion” before the insemination takes place. Then you can choose the stallion you prefer as the choice is “France-wide”.

LMAO @ Anglo Info impregnating your mare!!! :-)))

Sorry is that Anglo Info?

Hi there

My friend has a few connemara stallions and he is based just outside Pau.
If you want to mail me your requirements I can get him to call you.



He should be able to jab her into season for when the straws arrive though - bit less hassle than driving her away somewhere and drumming your fingers until she’s up for it! :wink:

Could you go down the AI route? It would mean you didn’t have to move her. :slight_smile:

Try Juie Daresse - she’s a Connemara breeder in the 64 near Bayonne. We bought a house off here a couple of years ago and from memory, she had some quite nice ponies around.