Looking for a good dentist

I m looking for a good dentist who can do a tooth implant in the Tarn-et-Garonne area or Cordes, Montauban, Cahors, Albi

Does any body know what sort of prices French dentists charge to do implants?

Are they cheaper in France than in the UK?



That makes sense, my husband had the extractions taken care of quite a long time before the implants were in place, that also makes a difference. Like you, he felt great and I'm happy to report that he doesn't notice the implants at all, they've made themselves quite at home!

The explanation given was to allow time for the bone to consolidate after the extraction of the teeth and the implants. As I am abroad for most of the intervening period, the timing coincidentally turned out to be quite suitable for me.

Thank you

I think all implants have to be installed in a sterile room. Is there any reason you have to wait so long for the crowns?

He installed the implants in October and I am supposed to return in two months for the crowns. I've had no pain, no problems and I have even learned to live with 4 missing teeth. As I said I have had no reason to regret the choice. His surgery is also probably among the best equipped that I have known. He installed the implants in a sterile room.

Best of luck.

Thanks so much Jef

Were you happy with your implant?

ie has it been OK since then?

I am currently a patient of Dr. Alain Lecamp in Cahors for implants. I went to him on the recommendation of a friend and have had no reason to regret the choice. I don't have access to my records, but the prices mentioned elsewhere in this discussion seem familiar. I have heard that as the Secu pays the dentists next to nothing for the normal care, that they make up the income with acts that are not regulated.

Hi Marie

Thats really kind of you...all that information.

Thank you so much

You are welcome Jenni! My husband went to Russia (he is Russian, which makes it much easier) and ended up paying 1,200 for 3 implants and crowns. According to the dentists in Russia as well as in France, going abroad for implants is only advisable if you have excellent jawbone density, are basically healthy and not prone to aches, pains and allergies, and if you take the type of implant which has the lowest rejection rate (Nobel, apparently). It is also important to have a place to stay at where you feel safe and comfortable as there can be delays (implants, healing, crowns…).

I know someone who needed 10 implants (not his "fault" at all, he only had first teeth, and they gave up when he was in his 30's) and as social security refused to pay for them in France, he went to India. He is happy and the work was well done, but he had to hang around a lot waiting for the implants to be delivered, for his gums to heal, for the crowns to be delivered and so on…. He didn't mind, but I know that I would be terribly nervous, especially if I had to call several companies and courier services to track his teeth down, as he did!

There is another solution, which is calling your closest dental school and finding out if they can do implants for you. I do know someone who managed to get them done this way, with excellent results and a nice low price, but in Marseille the waiting list was just too long for us!

Hi Marie That was really helpful, thank you so much...could I ask where your husband had it done and was he happy with the result?

What country did he haveit done? How much did he pay?

Many thanks


My husband had a quote from a dentist for 1,200 per implant in Marseille. The mutuelle we have reimbursed next to nothing.

The price varies from one dentist to another, it also depends on the type of implant you select, your jawbone density could also be a factor, not necessarily in the price, but I know people who have payed more because of the additional work involved with low bone density (if you have low density, you will have to wait longer to have the actual crown, as the implant may not "take" very well, this could involve more work although I haven't been able to figure out what exactly….).

My husband ended up having everything done abroad, for a fraction of the price.

Thanks so much Kirsty

Have you had one done in France?

If I remember correctly, an implant costs around €1,300 - though your health insurance may or may not reimburse at least some of this (though most likely not very much). In any case, a regular dentist will provide you with a quotation for the work to be carried out - with that, you can then ask your "mutuelle" how much they will reimburse. Most dentists are also willing to accept payment plans.

Thank you Bill :)

I just googled ( dental costs in France 2015 ) it came up with a fair bit of info.

Thanks Dave

Do you know roughly how much an implant would cost?

Nothing is cheaper in France! Well not much.