Looking for a house rental with land for horses

Hi to everyone,
I am new to survive france I am looking out for a new start in life.

I’ve just turned 27 owner of 7 horses all rescues and wish to carry on saving horses.
I would like to move to a new area with my equines, not concerned where as long as it’s an area where there are jobs near by.

I’m hoping to find a long term rental with land and facilities for the horses. Open to all propositions obviously being on my own I couldn’t possibly rent for more than 550/month. If anyone has any propositions to help me get a new start for me and my rescues please message me.


Which area are you in at the moment? What sort of work are you looking for?

Hi David,

I live in Brittany 22150 at the moment,
I’m not to fussed about work must say I did enjoy working as a receptionist in a holiday job, currently working in a pub restaurant, main job was a groom for 5 years.
No area in mind to be honest, my main goal is to find a good home for myself and that’s suitable for my horses and then I’ll go from there

Hi Anna and welcome to the forum!

I’m honestly not sure you’ll find what you are after at that cost. Here it costs nearly that for a tiny 3 bed council house with a handkerchief garden! Maybe somewhere like the Ariege, or in the centre?

Hello Anna,
Welcome. Indeed tricky. It might be counter intuitive but had you considered thinking about where the ‘business’ will come from. In my experience as horse owner there are concentrations around of course the major cities. The nice places out in the country for sure have lower concentration. So I don’t know how rescue works whether based within striking distance of potential donors/vets/etc. Or you find a location and go out to get the animals.

I’ve a colleague who if I understand is very much doing that in free time. If you like I could connect you.