Looking for a lab

Ive recently started analogue photography again, after a gap of 30 years! Great fun, but now Im looking for a recommendation for a postal French lab. They need to do be able to do 35mm E6 and C41 colour film processing and scanning as well as black and white, at least until i can get my darkroom stuff out of storage.
So far, Ive tried Nation Photo, who I found so-so.
Thanks for all help

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I’ll ask on talkphotography.co.uk - there’s a few guys there live in continental Europe.

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Thank you!

I’m looking for someone who does Quadblack printing, my main man is in Cape Town, which isn’t very convenient. Can you assist via your network?

I’ve asked the question - will pass on any replies.

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First recommendation is for Carmencita.

They’re in Valencia, but offer an English service and come highly recommended - some of the guys & gals have been using them for years.


No-one has replied to the question about quad black printing yet, but no everyone lives on their computer, so it may take a few days.