Looking for a nanny in Vannes


(Cindy Cauchois) #1

Hi there,

We moved to Brittany, Vannes, last week. We are a French family of four and we lived in California for 5 years (prior to that, I also lived in the UK for 5 years). Our kids are bilingual and we would like to find a gentle and loving nanny for them so they can keep up with their English. Our boys are 3 and 6-year old and are homeschooled so we don’t really have any time restrictions.

We are practicing attachment and non violent parenting. We live a healthy and natural lifestyle and are very interested in arts and crafts in general.

We would love to find someone for 2 mornings/week and maybe an evening (but we’re flexible), something like 6-9 hours/week. We probably will move to somewhere else in Brittany soon, so it’s likely to be a temporary position, something like 4-5months maybe.

If you think that could interested you, get in touch, we’d love to meet you.


(stella wood) #2

Hi Cindy

Please can you give your full name… you will see that we all do that… and hopefully you will be contacted by just the right Nanny for your family… :smile:

(Cindy Cauchois) #3

Funny, I did that originally and then I had second thoughts… I’ll change it back. Thanks for the advice!