Looking for a plumber and also someone for Fosse Septique installation

Hi Looking for a plumber for a few jobs. But also looking for a fosse septique to be installed and advice re pipes to house. The area is 49 just north of Saumur. Many thanks

Sorry, you are out of my region BUT do contact a couple of reliable fosse septique installers ( ask at your town hall and the neighbours) and ask for quotes. They will study your land and if locally based will have experience of rocks, what type of soil etc; There are some very good micro systems around too. The installer will usually fit the pipes from the fosse to the house, your plumber will then connect everything. Make sure exactly where you want toilets, baths, sinks etc; to avoid costly plumbing. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi Ann thanks for your reply. I have got a list from the Mairie, but was particularly interested in the small micro systems. I already have toilets, sinks, baths, kitchen in place but feel the pipes from the house are not adequate… I bought the house last year and was told that the fosse septique needed updating - now I find there isn’t a fosse at all…

Ha ha… Angela… We discovered our house “used” an ancient tunnel which led to a non-existent chateau…:(destroyed by the English…wink:

We had to update that …:relieved:

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A house that is not connected to mains sewage needs to have a diagnostic undertaken before it can be sold. The diagnostic will determine the existence of a Fosse and what needs to be undertaken to bring it into spec. That work needs to be undertaken within 1 year.

If the owner or the person undertaking the diagnostic said there is a Fosse but now you find out you don’t have one then that is a ‘vice cache’.

You have a right to claim against the previous owner. I would talk to your insurance company who deal with such matters.

Don’t pay for a Fosse to be installed as if what you are saying is true then the previous owner is I guess liable to install one for you.

apparently Mark the house can be sold provided they put in a little clause / a disclaimer. The owner had died and dont think the remaining family in UK knew much about the property, but the estate agent was certainly generous with the truth.

I doubt it, rules are rules. I would love to know the clause. How this passed the Notaire is beyond me ???

Was the estate agent British or French ? If they were British I hope their name did not begin with the letter L and end in T.

Mmmm… I am surprised that the Notaire was not more forthcoming. Prior to a sale, SPANC have to Inspect and Report: issue a declaration of some sort… in which the condition of the Fosse Septique is described. If SPANC could not find the FS… that is something I would expect the Notaire to tell you.

Perhaps this was discussed and lost in the translation (only thinking aloud). SPANC should certainly be able to tell you where the F is !! Although the “updating” bit might be the installation itself :wink:

I’ve got an appointment/site visit with SPANC on Wednesday… helping another couple…pity we are not in the same area as you…:slight_smile:

No Mark, not L and ending in T, though I know who you mean … as the house I sold last year was originally with them… no I think this one deserves a reputation far worse… on day of signing I complained to the Notaire of other issues and said they did not deserve the sum they received. I gave the notaire a list of issues including that no one from agency turned up on day of sale and the seller needed a translator. I think they got away because they said it needed ‘updating’ but you cant update something that is not there and I only found this out later. Oh yes they are English but use a French name over here, very deceptive… as I only found out English name of company a few days before signing. The notaire was prepared to put a hold on the sale with my complaint but If I had not been desperate to find somewhere to settle I would probably have hung out - but had been living out of boxes and bags since splitting from my husband four years before and working all over the place trying to pay bills for the house we finally sold.

Hi Stella… there was a report of sorts… with no boxes ticked - either yes or no boxes - just saying that it was not in good state.

Well, SPANC will need to be involved with the new project…, so why not ask them where the old one is… ??

I see.

Anyway, what is done is done. Someone is liable but you will waste a lot of energy trying to prove it. Life is to short.

Get your fosse into spec and move on. Wishing you all the luck in the world.

Hi Angela… sounds like you got the rough end of the deal…but at least you are now settled.

Good luck.

Angela, I wonder if you would feel comfortable perhaps giving an update?

At any rate, best wishes.

Hi Mary the upside is that the fosse goes in this week… its taken a while to sort everything out . No more heard from agents. Thanks

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Hi Angela

Once the Fosse in installed and giving you great satisfaction (I Hope)… it might help others to know which Enterprise you have used… if you are prepared to share info with us… A good plumber/fosse installer is worth knowing about…:relaxed:

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Hi Stella
I used a young local french guy who was really prompt in replying, very professional and when I have had any problems he has been there to help. He owns his own company called I think … Nicopt his name is Nicholas Royer, St Philbert du Peuple, near Longue. He was a little dearer than the others but I thought the little extra was worth it to have a local and someone helpful.