Looking for a property- Dordogne

(Jamie Chisholm) #1

Hi all

I just wanted to post a quick message. As stated in a different thread, me and my wife are currently in France searching for our ideal property. Looking for a home in the Dordogne with good business potential as either a chambre d’hotes or a holiday let. We are not scared of a bit of work if property needs it and are keeping our minds open in terms of location and whether it is isolated or in a village location.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are selling. Ideally we would like to buy privately in order to avoid paying commission.



(Robert McNeil) #2

Hello Jamie
We are about to market our house & 2 gites well established & successful. We are situated ideally in the golden triangle between Sarlat,Gourdon & Rocamadour. There is a 1 bedroom house & 2 4 bedroom gites Although it can be configured as you wish.We are selling for 395,000 privately saving 23,700 in fees (6%) Please let me know if you want to discuss further.

Best wishes
Bob McNeil

(stella wood) #3

Of course… there will still be the Notaire’s fees that you will have to pay…

However, if you can avoid paying “something” ie Agent’s Fees, that is a definite plus…

The country seems swamped with properties for sale at the moment… and you will probably be spoiled for choice… :thinking::hugs:

Many places can take years to sell… so make sure you choose wisely… this is not like UK…no quick turnaround…

But the length of time a property has remained unsold… is also a good bargaining-chip…for the prospective buyer…

best of luck…

(Ralph Coney) #4

Hi Rob
Could you send details of the property or link

(stella wood) #5

Hello Ralph and welcome to the Forum… :hugs::hugs::hugs:

do you have hopes/plans for a future in France… ??? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

(Ralph Coney) #6

Hi Stella
Yes we are looking to move next year and are either looking for a small gite complex ( or potential complex) or more ideally one nice 3 bedroom house for us ( with barn etc and space for pool) and a couple of smaller houses nearby that we can renovate then rent.


(Robert McNeil) #7

Hello Ralph
You can see the 2 four bedroom gites on www.dordogneholiday.co.uk

(Jamie Chisholm) #8

Hi Robert

Thanks for this. Ideal location, but a bit out of our price range I am afraid. I hope you get yourself a quick sale. The property(s) look beautiful so no doubt you will have lots of interest.

Thanks again.


(Jamie Chisholm) #9

Thanks Stella. You are right, there are a lot of properties out there. It’s just important that we pick the right one!