Looking for a quality quantity seller of bulbs and such

I am creating a rather large garden -1/4 acre. It will be populated with flowers and veg, fruit trees and a fountain in the centre. These hard-scaping plants and trees, and fountain have all been purchased and are in progress of occupying their new homes.

This garden is meant to be formal in that it has straight alleys and definite form. But also a certain randomness is desired- this will come in time I am sure.

I am having the darnedest time finding a good source for quantity bulbs etc at a reasonable price. I thought I had found one in Netherlands but suddenly this week they seem to have succumbed… luckily without my coins.

Please advise?

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We use Peter Nyssen - but make sure you use dutch site not the UK one


Bulbes Ă  Fleurs et Plantes en Ligne | Peter Nyssen | Jardinerie en Ligne

Entreprise bénéficiant de plus de 60 ans d’expérience, Peter Nyssen est une jardinerie en ligne spécialisée dans la vente de bulbes à fleurs, plantes, graines et outils de jardinage de qualité à des prix compétitifs. Passez commande dès maintenant!

Also bulbs.nl


The garden we have at the house is 1 acre and we have a small lake of 3 acres so you can imagine we have to buy in bulk for our needs. Over the years we have used several suppliers in France for native plants especially https://www.jardindesgazelles.fr/. Their bare rooted whips are of exceptional quality and you can buy in bulk. Their hedging kits are always good value for money. The plants/trees are extremely well packaged and they are super people to deal with. We would thoroughly recommend them.


Hello Rachel, thank you so much! Looked at their website and the offerings are splendid!

We’ve used bulbs.nl 3 times now and had no issues whatsoever either with delivery or the viability of the bulbs. Very pleased with them.


Hallo again, today I went to the “Bulbs.nl” website. Found it a bit off putting in that there was porn advertisement at the bottom of every page, and no way to select a colour or type except by general family name.

The porn ads very very off putting.

There was another site, similaire name: “bulbi.nl” much more user friendly (and no porn ads :wink:

I just wanted to ensure that “bulbi.nl” was either the people that you were thinking of? or If not, any experience with Bulbi?

I’ve never been interested in buying bulbs before, but I think the garden could do with a makeover so I’m going to look, thanks for the recommendations :blush:

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I wait until after the New Year and buy my tulip bulbs from our local garden centre when they are discounting them at 40-60%. It’s true I don’t necessarily get the choice but I do get a lot for my money. :grin: This year there were a load of packs of Queen of the Night left (my favourite) plus some silly pink ones. They will go together beautifully. And even planting them this late they come up just fine.


I found an “online store” called “jardinpourvous.com” bulbs and plants all arrived two days after ordering, and all in good condition good prices, and now planted.

Will keep you posted on how they rise :slight_smile: