Looking for a sewing machine

been trying to find a sewing machine capable of handling thin soft leather and have had no luck. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I might find one? I'm in the Charente Maritime.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Cynthia - I doubt you'd find one. Mine's 42 years old! Having said that, it's been brilliant, still is in regular use, and is probably better made than modern machines.

Used often it's never gone wrong and never needed a servicce apart from the regular oiling I give it. It's an Elna SU. I have seen them advertised and if you could find an old one it would probably be a good buy.


Just been proved wrong! An identical one on eBay for £70.


Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for your offer. I really need to buy one I think, as I will be using it often. But it would be good to know what model Elna you have, if you think it would deal with leather, so I can look for similar model to purchase

Thanks again for your kind offer of a loan!

Do you want this machine for permanent use or just a one off project?

I have an Elna. If it's just a one off I am in Charente-Maritime and would be willing to lend you my machine if you buy proper leather needles. However, if you already have a machine leather needles should be adequate if the leather is thin and soft.