Looking for a study case!

For the final study in the cat behaviour course I’m doing, I need to carry out a case study of a cat owner who is experienceing indoor eliminations problems - i.e. spraying or peeing/poohing outside the litter tray!

Does anyone have such a problem, or know of someone who does? Would you mind me having a go at investigating it?

Ideally you will be within easy reach so that I can visit too. I live in the Tarn et Garonne, but I’m willing to travel a reasonable distance.

Please call me on 05 63 94 73 97

Thanks ever so


He is just that and yes he know’s he’s my baby, so gets away with murder, despite his unsavoury spraying habits, chewing woolens, hats, scarves and his non stop squarking and yeowing. But I wouldn’t have him any other way. He fills such a huge part of my life, I dread to think of how it will be without him now he’s getting old.
Anyway, please feel Free to ask away any time Lynn.



Thanks Anne,
He is gorgeous enough to forgive him anything and he probably knows it!
I will let you know and I may well ask you more questions just out of curiousity!
Best wishes

Hi Lynn,

I have a dream case for you, with my Asian loony toon Alf, but unfortunately we’re not over in France yet. However, if I can help in any other way, please let me know, as Alf has a tendency to spray every where, particularly if he’s narked with me, or just to get attention, he’ll look at me and spray.

I have an ADD daughter and I think some of her behaviour rubbed off on him as she’s always done naughty things for attention, even when she knows she’s being watched, just as he does. Unfortunately his sister started copying him, but thankfully not as much as he does it.

When he was about 2/3 years old, it was a really bad OCD situation and he couldn’t walk past a car or bush without spraying on it. I took him to the vets, who wanted to give him valium, but I love his mental eccentric personality, so didn’t want this taken away from him. They had a cat specialist there and she’d done some form of cat psychology course, so after a few visits discussing his behaviour and any thing significant which had happened over the past few years, his behaviour was attributed to the break up with my partner.

He’s now 10 years old going on 10 months, and still sprays randomly about the house. One of his fave places to do it is on the sky box and Wii unit! But he’s not that picky if he’s feeling that way out. So I just have to go round the house daily wiping doors and skirting boards, but he really excelled himself the other day and did it on the toaster, so that went in the bin.

His spraying behaviour makes no difference if we have a litter tray (which I do in the winter) or not.

So, as mentioned, if there is any way I can help, I’m happy to talk, but if not, I wish you lots of luck with your course and hope you complete it with flying colours.

Kind regards