Looking for a tractor with forks or bucket

A friend is looking for a working tractor with forks or bucket that can be removed to fit forks. Carte gris not important.

Just asking the question…

why is Carte Grise not important… ??

Private land use only.

That’s correct.

Have an oldie but goodie with bucket (removable) just taken wheel hub for new tyre and tube to be fitted. carte gris in order.
It is a romanian by origin and has brand new starter motor (354€) new tyre is 250€ tube was 95€
Uzina Tractorul…Brasilia Romania. Tractor U -550 …55…148 number 823 they were very popular in France. we want to see it as neighbouring farmer has undertaken to cut and chop aside our goats instead. We had a new (recon) engine fitted by Boutinon who knows full history (cost 4,000€ for the recon engine) when we bought it. However we realise it is not worth more than 2800€ negotiable. 0769091603 Liz & Phil mcochon.fr