Looking for a traducteur assermenté

(Nicola Warman) #1


Is anyone or does anyone know a registered translator that could officially translate 2 birth certificates?

The daft thing is I could translate them perfectly well myself but the RSI/RAM won’t accept my unofficial versions.



(Padraig A. Carty) #2

I had to get my university degrees translated by a 'traducteur assermenté. THere’s lots of them all over Paris.

(Nicola Warman) #3

Thanks so much!

(jane capoani) #4

Granville Wesley FIELDS
21 rue jean pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris
tel 0155283810
They do all my Legal tranlations

(Wendy Wise) #5

Just copied this from Sandra’s list of businesses http://www.traducteurs-assermentes.fr - Sworn translations in France since 1974 of birth, marriage, divorce, death records, qualifications, transcripts, wills and company/sales documents for all UK/French authorities. There’s 3 or 4 others but this one specifically states that it’s assermenté.