Looking for a traducteur assermenté


Is anyone or does anyone know a registered translator that could officially translate 2 birth certificates?

The daft thing is I could translate them perfectly well myself but the RSI/RAM won’t accept my unofficial versions.



I had to get my university degrees translated by a 'traducteur assermenté. THere’s lots of them all over Paris.

Thanks so much!

Granville Wesley FIELDS
21 rue jean pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris
tel 0155283810
They do all my Legal tranlations

Just copied this from Sandra’s list of businesses http://www.traducteurs-assermentes.fr - Sworn translations in France since 1974 of birth, marriage, divorce, death records, qualifications, transcripts, wills and company/sales documents for all UK/French authorities. There’s 3 or 4 others but this one specifically states that it’s assermenté.