Looking for a wedding venue (Orthez/Pau - 64)


« Une fois n’est pas coutume », I need your help.

While, like everybody else, we are hurrying and bustling around, trying to complete all the Christmas preparations in time, a recent delightful turn of event added to this organisational nightmare: I proposed!

We are both over the moon. My Fiancée is British and I am French and we decided to get married in France next year end of August or beginning of September.

We are therefore frantically looking for a nice location to receive about 100 guests in the Orthez/Pau (64) area. We would prefer a château/mansion type of venue and any suggestion would be much welcome!

Many thanks in advance,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I don't know your area, but I can advise of a place on Lake Annecy, a hotel with a big garden, with lake access which is private to the hotel.I know the owners quite well, qnd know thqt every wedding they host goes off without a hitch (except for the couple getting hitched) They even once had a couple arrive by boat.

It's in the 74, A town called Talloires, and the hotel is called the Beau-site. I think their website is http://www.beausite-talloires.com/ . Even if not for a weeding, they'd make a peaceful getaway afterwards!!

Thank you v much Jean!

The venues are indeed a bit of a stretch for us but we would be interested to know more about your role as a wedding celebrant (I actually didn't know that it was possible in France!).

I will check website and get back to you soon.

Have a nice day!

Thank you very much Janet!

Funnily enough, we just went to see it "in passing" on our way back from visiting another beautiful one this morning in Orion. We really liked Château de St Picq but there was no one home (we wrote the number down) to visit it.

Any more suggestion would be more than welcome!

See you next week and have fun in Pamplona.


I am a non-religious wedding celebrant who conducts ceremonies throughout France. There are two venues - not quite in your area, but not far away - in the Gers. One is the Chateau de Lartigolle, at 32550 Pessan and the other is the Castelnaud de Fieumarcon near 32700 Lectoure.

Take a look at our website if you need a celebrant - www.celebrantsinfrance.com

I hope this helps

Guillaume - how lovely for you both! Congratulations!! There is the chateau at Berenx which is run by a Danish lady called Bjork

Dear Barbara,

Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, we are looking for a venue which is not too far from Orthez (where I am from) or Pau (where we met) so the location would be in North 64 or South 40.

I will nevertheless remember to contact you should someone need a wedding reception in 33/24!

Best wishes,

Good morning....great news...The age of romance certainly lives on.

Well I can suggest that you get married in my region.
I can suggest a few amazing chateaux which specialise in weddings.
I know a wedding dress designer...who, i believe will be at the wedding

show in Bordeaux in Jan....

It may be possible to arrange something IN ST Emilion itself we are in talks

about this new activity during Jan.

What do I get out of this? Well the project is so exciting and we are a small team

within 33/24 who have knowledge of the finery from flower arranging, music, art, floating

garments, transportation by carriage or classic car, fab food and a co ordinater who plans

weddings. Perhaps some of the guests rent or stay at Clos des Saveurs...MAYBE THE BRIDE AND

GROOM have an introduction....DINING EXPEREIENCE and cooking class for a night or 2 AND

ENJOY the silver a grey mist suite. There we are. Have a wonderful experience wherever you go.

Hi, how did you go finding a venue in Orthez? I am an Australian that is looking at getting married in France next year. We have recently come across the name of ‘Orthez’ and are thinking it might be a nice region to get married in, but obviously have no idea where to start! I am interested to hear how your wedding went.

Hi Alexis,

I am from Orthez originally so it was a bit easier for me to go and visit the places.

We effectively checked the following venues in the area:

We chose the last one and we loved it.

Obviously this was 5 years ago so things may have changed but the venues is a good start to obtain addresses and details for all the other elements for a marriage.

Good luck!