Looking for accommodation for my daughter starting university in Bordeaux

Hello everyone, I am fairly new to this but have a problem and hoped there may be someone in the network that could offer solutions. Having passed her BAC my 18 year old daughter is now in need of accommodation in communing distance of University of Bordeaux 3 at Pessac. Not being in he know of course we found out that applications for lodgings at the campus finished in April? In an Ideal world a share in a student house . does anyone know of anything please. Cheers guys.

Hi David, thanks for your advice. Looks good.

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You may be interested in this event next week. A sort of speed dating for would- be student locataires and propriétaires. Featured in Sud Ouest Mag today

Hi All, thanks for all you input, we are hoping that getting the first week over at the uni may well give us a better insight into weather there are people looking to share houses etc. and the obvious uni provided accommodation. She has managed to borrow a couch for the first week and also I have managed to get her an interview for an au pair/ baby sitting job that may well be live in run by an agency so that may well kill two birds with one stone. So thanks again guys for your help.

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hello, try looking on www.leboncoin.fr its full of private ads for the cheapest accommodation and plenty of student shares in Poitiers where we live so must be a few for bordeaux too.. good luck

Yes , I am afraid to say you have left it rather late. Our son is in Bordeaux the first year we had to rent an apartment from July to have one for September. He is just finishing his 2nd year which started with a 6 month stage/ work placement so we didn't need an apartment for that time we started looking in October for a rent in January. It took until mid Nov to find something.

If you don't live near Bordeaux it can be difficult I found. I had to go to Bordeaux several times to see apartments that then turned out to be impossible to views the occupants weren't there. the agents don't often have the keys. Don't ask!!

Our son is now in apartment 4k from where he studies Bordeaux lac to centre ville( jardin public), he prefers this over the 1st year when he was a 5min walk away as he gets time to walk away from what he is doing. His course is very intensive.

There is a quite good option which may suit you but didn't suit our son as his hours are too long. This website offers accommodation to youngsters sharing with older people who want company or evening surveillance.


Beware of agents who insist you have to come to their bureau to see them before they tell you what they have, these are groups that sign you to a deal in which they sell you a list of rental owners it's then up to you to contact the owners yourself!! The other fraud is done by adverts that are just a bit too well priced, say 100€ a month under what is normal. The person will the email you a story of how they have been let down so many times they are now asking for a deposit against viewings plus they don't live nearby so have to travel to show you the apartment, they promise to give you the deposit back at the viewing at which of course they don't turn up and most of the apartments either don't exist or don't belong to the person who contacted you. i didn't get caught by this but some people have been.

I have just realized this reply seems very gloomy I didn't mean it to be . i also suggest you check the Uni for adverts for co-location. Have you tried the crous?


also take a look at


I spent a long time just googling location etudiant Bordeaux + the area (for you Pessac)

We finally found something with jylodge who are now Tagerim http://www.tagerim.fr/louer

Don't be afraid to look further out but I advise you stay within the tram system. I hope some of this helps.