Looking for advice from landlords

Hi All,

I have a situation - anyone who is a landlord with recent knowledge of the law, I'd appreciate your help.

I won't go into the whole drama but the upshot it: I have a lodger who has sent me her notice to quit on 31sy Jan be lettre recommandé. I have acceptéd her quittance, despite her only giving one month's notice when she should give three.

My question is this - if she does not leave, as stated in her letter, on 31st Jan, do I have any rights? The loi 'trève hivernale' states that a lodger cannot be evicted from your premises (even if they don't pay their rent) between the months of Nov and March, however, I want to know whether her letter over-rides this law and what I can do if is still there when my new lodger turns up on 1st Feb.

Many thanks


As far as I know, your tenant has to leave and you can start a legal procedure on February 1 if she is still living in your flat.

However, as you will need to go to court to get her out if she changes her mind about moving, you will probably bear all the costs, and if she has nowhere to go, especially during the winter months, she will stay until April.

Let's hope she leaves of her own accord.