Looking for Advice on Masonry Paint

I need to paint an outside boundary wall. In the UK , I would probably have used either Sandtex or one of the Dulux paints.
Can anyone recommend a French masonry paint?


We have used the below on two houses and our current house will be done this summer, it covered very well, has proven very hard-wearing and since we needed 300L to cover the first house cheap :yum:
Only thing is it only comes in white or stone colours.


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It would be a long, long list of companies that were guilty of this at the start of the war.

I usually use Sandtex which I either bring in from the UK or purchase in France from Brico16

Brico 16

However I’ve also used the following extremely cheap paint from Brico Depot:

The colour is virtually identical to Sandtex Ivory Stone.

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It’s probably the same stuff :wink:

Thanks very much for the link - I have ordered it. Amazed at the price too - only 14.90€!

It was a French neighbour who was a painter & decorator who recommended it for our first house here, we use the white version as a interior emulsion, it covers better and is more hard-wearing than deluxe and when you have the whole interior of a house to do great value, I have never been a paint snob.

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Most of whom then pulled out of dealings withRussia. LM didn’t.

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This might be better raised in another topic, but this is not new news as this has been ongoing since April 2022, the French Government need to stop dragging it heels and do something about this as do the EU.

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