Looking for bilingual meetup group for kid

Hello ! :grinning:

I am looking for a bilingual group for kids in Le Gard, Herault.
If you hear about such a group, can you let me know?
My young son speaks French and English and would like to meet new friends in the region.


Hi David…

Have you asked at your local school… or the Mairie… they generally know what’s on the go for children.

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Hello Sunbeam, there is not much in our area so I am expanding to other cities :laughing:

Fair enough…

If any school has sufficient interest /folk asking the question (French and English speaking folk) they might well consider it something worth offering… périscolaire.

Hi David and welcome to SF :smiley:

We are a bit far away - up in the Dordogne! I’d suggest trying to put some ads up locally? Ask around to see if anyone knows of any English speaking families in the area. it will probably be word of mouth that helps you. If you are still not having any luck, try putting an ad On le Bon Coin - who knows!!

We don’t actually have any English speaking friends for the kids. They dont’ seem to be any the worse for it. We speak english at home, watch UK TV and the rest of the time it is French!

Le Bon Coin! What a good idea ! :rofl: :joy:

Indeed Dordogne is a bit far!

I am trying to find people locally, I ve just started my searches! Let’s see!
Which UK TV do you watch? BBC ?

We bought a FreeView box from the UK and have it hooked up to a satellite dish so we get all the normal UK FreeView channels (including the all important CBeebies and Milkshake in the mornings :rofl: :rofl:). We’ve done this for probably 20 years and works for us without worrying about VPNs etc.

Hi David,
We have a young son (20 months) and are in the Gard/Hérault border. Also looking for bilingual meetups. Shall we connect?
P & S

Hi P & S, I am sending you a private message