Looking for Clarity on a new Electricity Supply

The background:
We are building a micro-brewery in one of our barns, all equipment is electric.
We are creating a new enterprise, as a societe (SAS).
We need a 36kVA supply for our heavuest demand.
I have already raised a demande de raccordement from Enedis. They have visited for a site inspection and have agreed to provide a new supply from a nearby pole to the barn. I have their quote in my hand :blush:.
Now to my fuzziness:
Reading their proposition, it covers the connection by overhead cable and the installation of a “point de livraison”.
It seems to me that this is a mult-stage process

Enedis provide a supply as far as the new Linky that they will install.
The installation of wiring, and a fuseboard is independent of the initial Enedis works.
Once the wiring and fuseboard are complete, it is inspected and certified by a CONSUEL approved person.
Armed with my CONSUEL certificate a can contact EDF, Total E, Planet Oui or whoever, to supply the Societe with electricity.
They will then contact Enedis, who will return to the barn and connect the tails left by the electrelectrician to their supply point.
That is how I have interpreted the documentation sent to me. Is that correct?
Or, do I need to have the wiring and fuseboard already in place before they install the cable to the pole? The only stated conditions préalable to the works are the trimming of a tree and creating a flat panel of crépi on the stone wall.

Only a year ago Newbies in the commune had an electrical supply from Enedis (?) from pole to property.

The proprietor had to provide a suitable spot for the meter to be placed. (I think, to a stable, flat, cement plaque on the wall ie non-flammable).

after that, it was for the Professional Electrician to do the necessary connections after completing the rewiring of the property.

Thank you @Stella that is how I first interpreted the document. There is a paragraph right in the middle titled “PrĂ©paration de la mise en Service”.
That paragraph details getting CONSUEL certification and contacting un fournisseur d’electricite. It was the fact that it us in the middle of the proposition document, and not as a P.S type comment that concerned me. Overthinking the document, I guess :laughing:

 It is important to get things right.

In your shoes, I would seriously would ask at my Mairie - to check what is required.

Show the paperwork and ask for their understanding/confirmation of who needs to do what.

I am not sure this is anything to do with the Marie? I thought the process would be defined by Enedis and not a local authority.
The work is very straightforward, the existing pole is on the edge of one of my parcelles and the cable will pass over jst that parcelle to reach my barn in another parcelle.
I have an Authorite de Declaration d’Activite from the Marie to proceed with the project, so I think it is just Enedis’ own procedures to follow?

 in our Commune the Mairie folk like/encourage anyone who does not speak/read French to go and discuss contracts/whatever with them. This avoids any sort of misunderstanding. :roll_eyes:

You are asking us what we think about something you have received from Enedis
 which puts you in the right category to “ask at the Mairie”.

Fair enough. Thanks Stella.

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I take it you will be using a fully-registered French-speaking Electrician ??? and not trying to do stuff yourself ???

Yes. I did have to engage the Marie on that front. It seems the local electricien does not return calls, the maire has to call him!
The good news is that it is a sizeable project, not just a new socket, so he is interested.

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