Looking for Electric Bike Recommendations


I am looking at getting an electric bike for my wife - I know nothing of them at all as it seems a bit defeatist - if she gets one she would be able to come out on rides with me.

Any recommendations or where to try/buy?


Try culture vélo. Or it might be vélo culture. I can’t remember Anyway they give better advice than decathlon But these bikes are flying off the shelves so there
Might be a wait or limited choice if you decide to buy.

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Is this an electric bicycle or motorbike?
Just been looking into kits to motorise our bicycles. In the UK 250watt max power so I wonder if there is similar in France. The mid mounted bottom tube motors have twice the torque of the hub mounted versions so as usual stupid no nothing governments make poor decisions.
Bafang seem to have a good kit and good reputation.

First question is road bike or VTT? Second question is how much you want to spend…as the range is huge.

Recommend you go to local hire shop and hire one for a day or so, and she can see how she feels about it. They are heavy! With the battery in place can be nearly 30kg, so too heavy for many car cycle racks.

This is for an electric road bicycle.

We have just had an offer to go and try a friend’s along the river in Bordeaux - that sounds an excellent idea.

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I know nothing about them Mat, but we have a friend in the UK who bought one. He imported his from Holland because (apparently) they make better / more powerful models. He’s very happy with it.

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I remember buying a second hand high quality touring bike - a Dawes Galaxy. I was surprised at how easily and rapidly I could cover distances. I assume it was down to a very stiff frame and high quality running gear. It makes me wonder whether for anyone still wishing to keep fit, they might be better off with a good quality light unassisted bike.

sDaughter has a bike shop in the UK. She imports (imported!) a lot of bikes and bike gear from Holland. Their rain gear is superb!

Battery packs are easily removable for safe storage so not necessarily heavy for a bike rack.

Again there is probably a legal power limit for the road. The powerful ones are off road only in the UK. So someone able to check the French regs, I would be interested to know also.
Ahh found something.

Do they sell electric bikes & ship to France?

She ships worldwide! Bellsbicycles.co.uk Not everything is on the website tho’ as supplies hard to get at the moment.

Badly phrased. The bikes are often too heavy for standard car racks (even without the battery). And with the battery can be well over 25kg so can be hard to lift when out and about.

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The Bafang kits I have been looking at the motor is 4.1kg and the larger battery 4.7kg so 8.8kg additional weight.
The average bike weighs 10kg

I’m not talking about diy options.

If you look at the specifications for many electric bikes you will find the majority weight upwards of 20+kg. And if you look at the specifications for basic car bike carry racks the weight per rail is often less than needed. You can take battery off, but exposing innards to weather.

Mat asked for recommendations about e-bikes. Our daughter, who sells and repairs bikes for a living, says that this is a common issue that people don’t consider when buying an e-bike. And could result in expensive repair bills.

Therefore I thought it worth mentioning. As you might need to buy a stronger bike rack as well as the bike.

I bought off Bikester.fr which is actually a German company. Delivery was swift but after sales is less impressive. I wish now I’d gone to a local dealer. However the bike I bought, a Kalkhoff, is superb. It has five levels of assistance and I generally only have to use the lowest level. It makes cycling that bit easier and enjoyable while still allowing me to get exercise and feel a little puffed out at the end.


Can’t help with bikes, but I did buy an e-trike last year from the company which makes them near to Marseille. Went down in the car to see and test it, got lots of help and advice and, after signing for the purchase put it in the back of the Partner, (it splits in two) which already had a cage in for collecting a Dobermann on the way home, and brought it back.

With 5 levels of assistance and 7 derailleur gears it is easy to ride though does give good exercise as the motor on the front hub only works while the pedals are being turned. At first I couldn’t make the 10% hill to get home and had to walk it while pushing a button which operates the motor to help, but before long I had got fit enough to do so and now I race up at 10 km/hr with a week’s shopping in the large rear, and smaller front, paniers.

Needing to learn the technique doesn’t take long. It can’t be leaned into a bend like a bike so necessary to lean the body like a racing sidecar passenger. :laughing:

If this is of interest I will dig out all the details and publish them here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem Jane, its all good information for readers. It was from my end, (DIY most likely as I already have a good bike) comparing options not a criticism. I will certainly, thank you for pointing it out look at the weather protection when the battery is removed. I would certainly remove the battery if I were parked up as the lock is bound to be pretty poor and battery packs easily stolen in London as are nice bicycles.
Thanks for the heads up.

Common to all the normal ebikes and conversions. Clever isnt it. I saw a chap on the main road last week holding a steady 27mph whilst pedaling but he wasnt out of breath or furiously pedaling. Hence my interest.

Yes he would need to pedal hard as the limit under the law which triggers hats/licencing/insurance is 20km/hr, but I often exceed this with extra effort. I don’t want any of those 3. :slightly_smiling_face:

It isn’t a speed limit as such, just the level at which the assistance must be set.