Looking for English people in Haute-vienne

Hello everybody,

I am a French woman and i miss speaking english and having a chat with native English people.

I used to have English friends and like their culture and way of seeing things, so i would love to meet some English people in Haute-vienne to have a chat, a cup of tea, walk or what ever.

I live around Limoges.

I am looking forward to meeting you. Familly with kids would be fine :slight_smile:


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Hello Flo and welcome to the forum… :relaxed: :relaxed:

Could you please put your full name in accordance with site T&C…



Yes sure, were should i put that ?



@Flo By going to your account image then here:

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Thank you Graham, very informative, but I missed that somehow, but still I am compliant. No idea how that happened. :roll_eyes:

Edit: No, doesn’t work for me, no opportunity for preferences.

Edit again: Found it now. :wink:

I didn’t understand this last message ?
Is that because I was not fast enought to react ???
Sorry if that is, I am not often on the internet

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Hi Flo

Well done… you’ve got the name amended. :relaxed: :relaxed:


Thank you all :wink:

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If you mean the one from @Spardo neither did I, if its of any comfort but well done on getting your account name regularised :+1:

What’s not to understand? I clicked on the S and didn’t get what you showed. That’s all. I have never seen that page but my name and pseudo is ok so I am baffled that what you said was the way to achieve it.

But I did understand what Flo was saying.

It wasn’t a criticism… I thought you thought the message was for you - but I clearly got that wrong - apologies!

Not needed, but thanks anyway, and still thanks for the original advice, even if I still don’t know how I got it done without going there. :wink: :roll_eyes:

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