Looking for 'English' people in the Vienne who may have found a chihuahua

I saw this posting by Tamsin Lewry on Facebook and thought our members in the vicinity may be able to help. The people who found Rouky may be taking care of him while searching for his owner.

If you do know them or where they can be contacted, please either contact Tamsin or, if you don't use Facebook, leave a message and I'll pass it to her. Thank you.

"I met a girl in the bar this evening who lost her beloved chihuahua on Wednesday (10th Sept). She has been told that some "English" people have it somewhere between Saires and Monts-sur-Guesnes (86) but they don't have a name, number or more precise address. The dog is tan-coloured, five years old and called "Rouky". If you have any idea who these people could be or know anyone in that kind of area who might be able to help, please message me so I can let her know (I have told her it may simply be that they don't speak very good French so are doing their best to look after him in the hope that someone will come and claim him soon). She's desperate to get him home a.s.a.p. If you've any ideas at all, please . . . Thank you."

"The girl is distraught. She suffered a late miscarriage in June and since then the dog has been the focus of all her love. Her father said she hasn't eaten or slept all week"

This is why I'm really hoping the power of the internet and super powers of SFN members in that area can help.