Looking for Fellow knitters......and sewers

Hi there - are there any needle crafters in the Northern Deux Sevres, or in the Vienne (north)? I am keen to join/ start a craft group, but not having much luck.

Where is Chauvugny Jo?

I have found a French knitting group in Bressuire, and I have set up a group in my village - it was really hard going, but it has really been worth it!

Hello Helen, my friend Pattie who isn't on SFN is a member of a patchwork group here in Chauvigny. The ladies are mainly French and very very welcoming. I'm fairly crafty meself, sewing and mosaic art mainly but am not a member of any groups as such, other than this one!

I'm still looking for fellow crafters in the Northern Deux Sevres..........anyone out there??