Looking for large plastic 1000 litre water containers

Hi Folks,

I am looking to purchase some 1000 litre plastic water containers to collect rainwater to use in the garden. They usually come surounded by an aluminium framework and are ex food containers etc: I can find plenty in the U.K. but obviously I am looking for cheap used containers in the Limousin/ Nouvelle Aquitaine area.

We have a sizeable outbuilding where I can set up a rainwater collection system of around 5000 litres to save on water costs throughout the year.

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New ones are sold at Brico sheds, second hand via depots de vents or the bon coin.

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New ones on Amazon.fr at ca. 300 EUR incl delivery
Rainwater tanks

They are only around €100 - €120 from your local agricultural shop so not sure you’d want to spend 3 times that to suport Amazon :wink: :rofl:!! We got ours from Le Bon Coin, they were only €20 each, the reason they were so cheap was that they needed cleaning out as they came from a pool maker and still had bits of resin. Hubby and I carefully got that out - came to quite a few litres - I think it worked out at about €80 worth if we’d bought it at the brico! Then gave it a wash out. I only have 2 but plan on getting more, they save so much money. I have 1 in the garden to keep the veg watered. We have recently hooked up one of our toilets to on of them and it was crazy how quickly the 1000L was used! Sadly we haven’t had a drop of rain since but in the winter plan to be self sufficient with both loo’s hooked up!


Yes, Amazon is certainly not always the cheapest option, especially when you consider the 55 EUR delivery charge :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

I’ll only use them if I literally have no other choice to get what I need!


Should be able to get clean used ones locally for less.

For information, the base size is 1200mm square and weighs 57kg. Just in case you need to know if you can fit one in your trailer and have the strength to load it. Roof racking not recommended!

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We got ours here [https://www.seemescassut.com/] but I don’t know if this is just a local company or whether they have outlets elsewhere. They all seem to have contained some kind of glue but they will steam clean them if asked. Otherwise it’s a bit of a pain removing the solidified glue. Can’t remember how much we paid because it was some years ago but it won’t have been hugely expensive.