Looking for man with van

(Amy Drillsma) #1

based in Paris

house in the south west

looking for help to take furniture down to south west in a van

please contact me



(James Higginson) #2

Thanks for that Peter, I’ll bear that in mind.



You could also try www.codemfrance.com or www.etbrokers-removals.com
I suggest as they are both my companies!!
We basically do a logistics search to find removal companies, in your case, passing through Paris and heading South with spare capacity. Cant give any prices until we ask the companies, but recently moved 20m3 from 17th to Toulouse for 600€
Best regards

(Amy Drillsma) #4

thanks so much best !

(Amy Drillsma) #5

Thanks Catherine :slight_smile:
I am based in Paris and need to take things to my new house in the Gers - near Condom.
i left a message with Chris’s wife who was lovely and he’ll be calling back soon
Many thanks

(Catharine Higginson) #6

Hi Amy

Try Chris Nurding 0553 84 34 18 - we’ve used him several times and he’s v competitive price wise and a good bloke to boot. Tell him Catharine and James sent you!

Whereabouts in the SW are you headed to - just being nosy!