Looking for mid-size village to live in Gard or Herault

Hello, we are Canadian-American couple looking to move to France in next year or so. Currently in area (until Dec 6) for exploratory visit. We’d like to find town close to transportation hubs, not overly expensive, friendly locals, art, music, culture. Not too far from larger city for access to cultural events, classes, etc. Any ideas of towns to visit? We’ll be staying in Uzes and then Lagamas then ? Thanks.

I think one of the best area is between Pezenas and Saint-Chinian if you consider the climate, the distance to Beziers, to the coast and to the airports etc....

I am an estate agent myself so feel free to contact me if you need any help, my e-mail: frueda@aol.com


Lamalou had terrible flood issues recently. Many places in the south did because of the repeated storm events. Even some of the unlikely places (like our other village in the Cevennes) are having problems. We are up above Lamalou and it is really nice. Good luck with looking for an area.

Thanks everyone. Looking mostly in Gard and Herault. We are in Uzes now and love it, but may be a bit pricey. How are crowds in Summer? Too much? Visited Vezenobre (beautiful but NO people this time of year). Liked Sommieres but flooding there seems to be a concern (thanks Chris). Love to be within hour of beach but not overrun with tourists in summer. Will check out Lanmalou.

Hi Karen

I decided to move to Uzes - on a hilltop so rainwater flows downwards!! I loved Uzes when I first visited and although I haven't moved permanently yet I don't think i will regret my decision to be here. I have found locals to be warm and welcoming and it is easy to get to Nimes, Avignon and Montpellier. Haven't tried any of the universitaire populaire courses yet but there is a lot going on.

Be very careful of choosing towns or villages near rivers ( even small ones)
. There’s been a lot of problems with flash flooding the last couple of years
Something to do with the temperature of the Med, apparently. …

We live in the Cevennes in a village with train, basic services, super hiking and not too far from a city, love it there, but need to sell our house because we are moving to Lamalou les bains area, more population and services, less elevation, good hiking opportunities and really like it here also. What type of landscape are you looking for? Climate and vegetation?

Also you may like Pezenas...

We love Lamalou les Bains....

Karen, when you are in Uzes you may like to get in touch with a Canadian friend. She knows the region very good. http://www.pap.fr/annonce/vente-appartement-maison-uzes-30700-g18741

Thanks Andrew. It is already on our list. :slight_smile:

Pézenas ;-)