Looking for venues

How does one go about getting venues for concerts in France?

I'm asking because a friend of mine has sent me this request:

"... three friends and I will be touring the UK this summer and hopefully abroad. We are a four-part male ensemble and I'm looking for venues. We would very much like to go into mainland Europe. The concert consists of madrigals to start, and then works its way through the ages until we get to jazz and modern-day music."

Mac is a great guy and excellent musician. He's just finished a music degree and is about to start on a PGCE in London.

My only idea was to contact mairies and see if they could perform as buskers at, for example music festivals. Does anyone have any experience of this?

Many thanks

Thanks Jane.

Hi Sarah, there are a series of jazz concerts in and around Cluny, 71.

Thanks Barbara, please do. I'll pass on your message.

But if they are thinking of this summer they had better get their skates on!!!

And, in the same area is a hotel/restaurant with golf course

which is called Chateau les Merles.

A success story and deffinately worthy of being contacted.

About 45 mins from my friends chateau so they could try to create

a circle of 33/47/24 venues?

There is a festival of jazz at Monesgur each year too.

Plus a regular jazz festival at st emilion each summer organised by an agent...

will look out for his contact details for you.

Thank you Hilary, that sounds just the sort of place too. I'll pass on your suggestion. :)


There is a small market town on the D660, (just 15 mins from Bergerac airport), called Mouleydier,famous for almost being totally destroyed by the Nazis who executed alot of Resistance fighters there.

A large part of the town was beautifully reconstructed using the traditional golden stone, with the aid of a generous amount of cash from a local ex-pat millionairess ( Barbara somebody, ironically her name escapes me.....she has a couple of roads named after her)...

The centre of the town has a beautiful colonaded marketplace with a rivulet running through it with accent lighting and a (very under - utilised) Amphitheatre, built into the hill-side, right by this market place. it would make a great music venue and would be a fantastic boost for the town if it was utilised more often in this way.

The maire of the town is a M. Jean-Michel Bournazel, who is very approachable and has a good level of English. I feel sure he would be interested.....

Michel has a few classical concerts each summer.

Who knows what they may be able to work out.

He has a courtyard area with a large pond....[ this over looks the river]

and even a bandstand in the garden.

It is such a magical place.

Would make the most wonderful hotel.

I've had a message from Mac saying that he'll get together a file with his mates and send it on. It'll take a few days so they can do it properly. :)

They are in Kent, I think. I've sent an email, so will hopefully hear back soon.

Sarah my e mail address is johnchinon@hotmail.com

My friend is often interested to do things like this.

He once was a wedding venue....but does not take many wedding now.

Where are the musicians currently based?

Thanks Bruce, I'll let him know about this.

Thanks Barbara, I'll ask Mac to send me a file with some of their music, and forward it to you, if you let me know your email address.

Sounds a great idea, by the way. :)

Well you could try my friend Michel who has a chateau in a great location by the river

Gironde in Pessac sur Dordogne 33890.

He loves music and arts and maybe would work out something with you.

I Would be interested to hear some of the music?

And discuss my friends contact details after that.

The property is 25 km from St Emilion and just over a half an hour

from the airport.

I have Another idea too.

Have a look at http://www.jazzinmarciac.co.uk/ it's the best yearly jazz venue in France, probably Europe.