Looking for voluntary work - Monsegur 33 area

Hi everyone, I just wondered if there are any of you out there who have quite a few animals i.e. ducks, chickens, geese, ponies, donkeys, etc., who could do with some help with then, My son is looking for some work voluntary. He loves working with animals, he can cut grass & strim, He has his own transport, We are in the Monsegur 33 area, so say 20mins either side of Monsegur. Please send me a Pm if you think he can help. Thanks you so much.

Did you son find some good opportunities, I hope?

This is a long time later, a year almost exactly. But I thought I’d mention I found recently that perhaps might be of interest, this website called “MindMyHouse”

It sounds a bit odd, perhaps, but if you’re still looking then perhaps give it a look.

Also, the WWOOF program might have some openings in your area: