Looking to buy aHoliday in Poitou-Charentes or Haute Vienne\Creuse


I’m looking to buy a holiday home and have a budget of 130k and then retire to France in 10 years or so.
I’ve been on Holiday regularly and have friends in Haute Vienne\ Creuse areas and really enjoy the area my wife likes the area but she would prefer Poitou-Charentes.
We are due to stay in a gite in Mouzon in August, so will be able to look at the area.
I was wondering what the main difference in weather between Creuse and Poitou-Charentes.Is there a big expat community and social scene.




Hi Barrie… could you please register/show your full name… this a friendly forum… and we like to be able to see who we’re chatting with…

We live in haute-vienne. There are loads of ex pats around Magnac Laval. We live in a hamlet with the locals and no English so have the best of both worlds. If we need to hear an English voice we can go to the local called supermarket lol

leboncoin is one of the best ways of buying (and selling) privately :wink: Hope Brexit doesn’t scupper your plans to retire to France :frowning:

If you place living near an expat community high in your list of priorities I suggest that you look at houses in the area around your friends and benefit from the proximity of people you know rather than risking links with strangers who share a common language.
It is very difficult to compare the differences between the Haute Vienne or Creuse and the Poitou Charentes as there can be much bigger differences between two different areas within the PC than between a location there and one in the Limousin. Think about driving through Somerset and Devon to get to Cornwall. There are more likely to be bigger differences in climate between the highland and lowland or coastal areas in any one county than between two random locations in different counties. Moving between the PC and the Limousin is the same.