Looking to rehome Cats and running out of ideas!

Hello everyone,

We're having to move back to the UK and have many cats to rehome. We've basically acquired lots of cats over the years due to neighbours not neutering their cats, plus people tend to dump cats on our mountain. Anyway... all are in excellent health and been neutered. I've been trying like mad to rehome then but with very little success. The shelters seem full (the ones with a no put down policy), I've put ads on Le BonCoin, Anglo Info, Vets etc.... but only one taker ! As a precaution I've passported as many as I can as the UK Shelters have space and are being very helpful. Luckily the people who have brought our house are cat lovers and will continue to feed some of the wild colony at the back of the house .. but I've got a few that really do need to find homes that are not going to the UK.

If anyone could accommodate one or foster one till a home is found that would be fantastic - I'm happy to cover all costs.

Any other ideas welcome !

All are neutered, very loving, good looking.

5 are micro chipped and vaccinated.

Here are some images.. I'll put up some more detailed information tomorrow:

Hi - I'm in the Gard - but happy to travel wherever !

Where are you located Rachel?

Fantastic Rachel, very best of luck in finding them forever homes.

Sure ... these are the Microchip numbers of the cats that are available:

Clarry - No: 250269604652238 - Mâle, 4 ans. Poils longs -

Ruby - No: 250269604651759 - Femelle, 5 ans. Poils longs

Panda - No: 250269604652112 - Mâle, 5 ans. Poils longs.

Pancho - No: 250269604650198 - Mâle, 8 ans. poil court.

Hope that's OK?

Hi Rachel, we really need the microchip numbers of ALL the cats, it is a legal requirement for adoption of any cat or kitten.

Once you have these, you can also place adverts elsewhere, on french web sites, vet surgies local to you etc.

It is essential that the cats are neutered too, otherwise, as you know, the problem will not only continue, but will escalate out of control.

Current recommendation is for cats to be neutered from 3 months of age.

Please let us have a complete list as soon as you can