Lost Ballot Papers - Explanation?

I may have had my head in the sand that day, but I have never heard anything further about why we did not receive our ballot papers for the EU elections . An apology from the Council Yes, but no explanation as to why it occured. Simply dissapeared in transit!! Does anybody know? Will it happen for the fresh Referendum??

For another Referendum I will happily fly back to UK to personally collect my ballot paper if needed to vote REMAIN - if needed I would cycle to UK, even walk!

But you would still need a ballot paper, which could be anywhere!

Morning All

I am becoming rather concerned with the way UK citizens living abroad are being treated by the electoral system.

I have recently had the experience of my MP, who is an avid supporter of the ERG, attempting to disenfranchise me by saying that, as I did not have a UK address on the roll, she could not assist me in an issue I raised.

I politely pointed out her error, but the attitude to the legal position of overseas voters does concern me.

Have a great day