Lost dog!

We found a sweet but very unkempt little dog in the forest on our way back from Pau yesterday, we have taken it to the vet who has checked for any ID. We are trying to find the owner but I fear judging from the state it was in I fear it has been dumped along with another dog which ran away. I am looking after it for ten days and then will try to find it a new home. So if you know anyone?

Thank-you Siobhan you have made me smile

Hi Sioban I don’t think you are nuts at all. G

Well that is brilliant news. For the dog and for you. The rewards for giving a rescued dog a home are huge and not just in improving one’s self esteem. She was clearly meant to join you - I wish you both well .
Please join our dog group and keep us posted with how you and ? go on.


Hi Gina thank-you for your help, we decided over the weekend to keep her, she is a delightful little dog and clearly loves being here.

Have forwarded your details to Sue at Poor Paws (see dog group ) and she is making enquiries. G

Hi Siobhan
she would be great with children she is ever so genile, she has not made any attempt to nip us if you grab her she just rolls over on her back

We are still looking for a home for this dog, this is how she looks now, a lot better I think

Siobhan we think she is an affenpinscher http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affenpinscher
Karen spent all morning trimming her legs and rear end of all the matted and filthy hair she now looks and i’m sure feels a lot better, her tail is now held upright.
She is a delightful dog she is house-trained and has a great temprement. I took her for a walk last night and this morning with our own dog and she was great on and off the lead. She is happy to sit and sleep by our legs and under the chair, has not been any trouble at all overnight. We would keep her but are determined to be a one dog family. She would be ideal for your friend in her apartment. I will be in touch

I love your Lhasa Apso’s hairsytle, thats the look i’m trying to cultivate. she does look a bit like him but not as big

we have only had her a few days I imagine she would be good with kids they are none here but she has been fine with our cats, she was clean last night much to our amazement and never made a sound. as to shedding I’m not sure but don’t think so. I have to keep her for ten days or so to see if the owner turns up but I doubt that will happen. not sure I would want her to go back to them anyway letting a dog get into such a state. we are taking her to be trimmed this week. my neighbour may take her in but I will keep you informed.

Looks so much like our Lhasa Apso (much skinnier though). He doesn’t shed hair and would be happy in an apartment as long as he was given a good walk.

Is it male or female? Looks like a little shih tzu. I’ll ask around and mention it to the association i sometimes foster dogs for.

Is that a dog or a duster :))