Lost offer of free website design

I’m sure I saw someone on here offering to design websites for free to get practise, but I can’t find it…did I dream it? It’s not for me, it’s for one of my latest advertisers who has a bit of a sad offering at the moment…

Thanks Neil, I’ll pass on the suggestions!

Can’t offer free as I am a professional designer but she could try weebly.com or wix.com (flash sites) or if on a Mac Rapidweaver is excellent. All are drag and drop with templates with the first two offering hosting as well. Virb.com is very stylish - Wordpress is relatively easy but complicated to set up.

Sorry, I’ve been meaning to reply to this for ages…was not able to persuade the lady that she would be better off with a professionally designed website, she prefers to stick with her homemade one. Many thanks to you both for the offer.

Hey Wendy, I can use practice but I’ll need to charge a minimum. Considering my circumstances I need money even if it’s a little. Tell me, what kind of site do you need?