Lots of pork questions - pork on sale in Intermarche!

I know there are quite a few of you who are very good cooks so i thought I’d pick your brains a little. I’ve just had the Intermarche pub’ for the next week and pleased to see that pork is back on special. I generally pick up a good few ‘roti de porc epaule sans os’ which are just wonderful in the slow cooker over the winter and a couple of roti de porc for roasting.

Things being tight this year I have been looking at what else they have as it is just such good value and wondering if I got them what to make / how to cook them. If anyone has any ideas / tips / recipes for the following cuts can you let me know please!?

So there is:

‘Rouelle de porc jambon avec os’ - would this be like a cooked ham that we would have at christmas once cooked (but in a thick slice rather than rounded / whole as I know it)? It has got that red’y look to it of uncooked christmas ham.

‘Epaule de porc fraich entiere avec os’ - is this just something you roast???

‘Longe de porc entiere avec os sans palette sans filet mignon’ - looking at the pic I’m very confused :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Shoulder of pork… slow cooked overnight once for Christmas on very low heat - absolutely delicious and soooo tender mmmmm

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Ahhhh ok! That does sound yummy! does the skin on it make crackling? I’m such a newbie at cooking porc other than the few things I do as DH doesn’t really like it but me and the kids all love it! So I’m on a mission to cook it more (and it is so cheap!), I can just make OH a steak hache!

Can’t remember now but OH thinks that the skin was scored before placing in the oven and may well have « crisped up » in the cooking process and basting… often used as the base for « pulled pork » :yum:
Have a look at this recipe…

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This is a leg of pork, uncured so not like ham

Like a side of pork, you can get some decent sized chops, spare ribs and pork belly .

Need to butcher it all yourself normally though

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It is a slice of (not a whole!!) leg of pork usually 5-6cm thick.

The shoulder needs to spend 30 minutes in a 200° oven, skin down then about 6 hours at 150°, then you turn it over again for another 30 minutes at 200° to get the crackling all crisp and delicious. Take a Stanley knife to the skin to score it into diamonds first and rub a bit of salt and herbs etc into it. I like ginger and soy and chilli and szechuan pepper rubbed into it myself.


most pork sold in France has the skin, couenne, taken off.
If you want crackling, you really need to order it specially.

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When I buy epaule de porc it always has the skin on, without asking specially.

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Drooling! I’m heading to IM soon - I think I may need to buy 2! Just trying to work out what I can ditch from the freezer to fit one in there :rofl:

How confusing - I wonder why it has the word ‘jambon’ in it - does it have another meaning other than ham then???

Hmmmm I’ll have to have a look at this too then as at €2,39 / kg FAR less than buying belly pork or ribs alone. I’m a farm girl, I’m sure I can cope with some butchery!!!

In another pub’ it said to fry / grill it is that what you do?

Yum your rub sounds amazing - all the flavours I love! I often do similar with the boneless shoulder roasts in the slow cooker. I’m curious, why the upside down? Would that not miss out on all the juices / fat tenderising the meat as it sinks during cooking? I’m making myself hungry looking at all the recipes on line!!!

I know, i was excited when i heard some neighbours had found a local butcher who will do the skin on. Sadly as finances are I can’t afford meat from the butchers and can’t believe I’ve been so stupid as to not realise the gem of a whole shoulder that as Véro says always has the skin on! I just looove crackling and I haven’t had it in years! DS2 and I always fight over the little bits of fatty crispiness that shows up on my slow cooked shoulder roti’s. Hope I can get the crispiness right!

Thanks everyone!

Now just how to make husband who doesn’t like pork to like it - any ideas (chilli may help!!)

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Hiya, just a thought… if you want better quality and non factory farmed meat without paying a fortune (which I totally get), if you are not squeamish and can handle a bit of chopping up, buying a whole or half pig direct from the producer is a really economical way to go.

We do this and the meat is so delicious I am sure that even non pork fans would appreciate it!


That is an excellent idea! I’m not squeamish but dh is so I’d be doing all the chopping on my own :rofl: :rofl: I know very well that farm pork taste, we ran pigs on the farm when I was a kid, I actually went off pork for years as didn’t like the stuff from the supermarket as much! How much do you pay / kg? Next time you do it can you take a pic of what you actually get so I can see if I can mange it? Big chest freezer too full at the moment so not an option this time but will definitely keep it in mind!

Whereabouts are you? We find that half a Berkshire fits in pretty much one drawer of the freezer apart the leg / head and a couple of the bigger joints. Yes, it’s a completely different taste!

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And I think it is 6 or 7 per Kg

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That’s not too bad! Not sure I could cope with the head :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Annoying update from todays trip to IM (bearing in mind I had 3 different IM pub’s all listing the same promo) this particular IM didn’t have the damn pork!!! I’ll have to try one of the other 3 here abouts!

You need my friend Paul Morris in Eyrenville south of Bergerac - the most fantastic and delicious happy pigs. (If you go now you will see the 2 latest litters of Berkshire piglets, one of 8 and one of 12). As well as meat they make fabulous pork pies and bacon and sausages. Google ‘Aux Delices de la Ferme’ Plaisance, famille Morris. It is worth the drive!


For the pork offers, it’s usually best to go to an Intermarche with an actual butchers department. Our Intermarche in Aubusson has the offer, but no butcher meaning they only have a limited supply of whatever can fit into the biggest plastic tray The local one in Felletin has a (very good) butcher but not the offer, when they do you can get half a pig in 2 or 3 bits.

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Bacon, real bacon - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - so worth the drive then!!! I’ll make it the first thing I do once I get a fabulous enseignant contractuel job :rofl: :rofl:

Ahhh goood point, I might have to go a bit further to the big hyper marche in Bergerac to be sure! I need to go Thursday for ds having his braces off so that will work!



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Not all the IM’s have the same offers! On the back page of the pub there’s a list of the depts relevant to the pub.
Saves you trotting to all of them.