Lottery Winner - what would you do with a huge win?

This Winner has the right idea, in my view… help the needy… :+1:

There is a fascinating book about the sociology of lotteries and lottery winners by the Pinçon-Charlots, they are university sociologists and it is a textbook, it’s very interesting but not too academic for the lay reader.

A truly sad thing is that many winners of big prizes like this remain, or become, very unhappy.

which is probably why it is such a good idea to put the money to really good use.

the winner sounds like a genuinely nice guy.

the FDJ accompany/guide/help big winners for up to 5 years to avoid the problems that have arrisen in the past, parole de détaillant fdj :wink:

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I think Camelot offer support as well - but it’s all optional so the winner doesn’t have to take it up.

Personally I’d be quite happy to see how I coped with a 200million€ windfall :slight_smile:

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I hope I would do the same as this couple

With that much, maybe, but don’t forget that Camelot already gives a significant chunk to “good causes”.

Mind you, if I play the lottery, I tend to go for the £10k a month for 30 years which has much less chance of unhappiness (the big US lotteries give the chance of a yearly payment or lump sum - generally the winners who go for yearly payments have far fewer problems with blowing the lot and dissatisfaction with their win).

I do buy a Euromillions ticket when it gets over 100 million though - if you’re going to spend money on a ticket with no discernable difference between your chance of winning the jackpot and spontaneously turning into a goat, it might as well be for a ginormous prize.

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I’d invest millions in advertising campaigns. Such as…


My wins on the premium bonds have so far failed to change my life. Mind £25 doesn’t go very far these days.

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Me too. I would buy some sort of home with a garden complete with plants and seeds and gardening tools and Cooking For One Recipe Books for as many single home less as possible. What can be worse than having nowhere to call home? Single, because if you have a significant other, life is not as lonely.