Loueur de meublé

I have been asked to register as a loueur de meublé to get a SIRET number for my gîte that I opened last year.

Has anyone else done this?

Hi Rosemary,

Just wondered if you got through your avis d'imposition supplémentaire that were sent out recently. This is for the CFE (cotisation foncière entreprises)-the old taxe pro and payable by the LMNP'ers.

Thank you. Sorry I've taken so long to answer. I'm now registered with the Greffe and am waiting for the next step!

Everything (well nearly) you were afraid to ask the tax man about LMP and LMNP and always wanted to know here

As a matter of interest we also had to stop paying Taxe D'Habitation on the two gites and were told that we had to pat Taxe Fonciere D'Enterprise. This was great as it reduced the bill by 40%, from over €1700 down to €900

Thanks Chris.

Thanks. More taxes in store maybe ...

3 years ago we went through all this with our tax office. Because we act as a micro-enterprise, we got our siren number, registered with the maire and they said that was all we had to do. I suppose things have changed but I have had no formal request or notification from anyone (as at today!)

From memory, you only pay VAT on a LMNP if you operate similar to a hotel and offer three services which may be considered as hotel like services (cleans during stays, meals, reception of guests to name some of them). Google this as i am only speaking from memory. However, in my case the surprise was that this was all linked to business taxes. With a SIRET the local tax office could collect this tax...it seams that our tax office in Dax realised that many Gites were not paying what used to be called the Taxe Professional (and I cant remember its new name) and were slipping through the system. Hence they were tightening up and chasing everyone registered as GITES....

Do you have to pay VAT? The form also applies to people who do have to (I already have a SIRET as a translator).

Hi Rosemary - I had the same request last year for LMNP and from what i remember was fairly straightforward.