Louis de Futon (in movie zone)

Over Christmas I finally took a break and went into "movie zone".

For me that means suddenly being a potato_couch and indulging in 2-3 or even 4 movies a day with my wife! :)

I'm not normally a movie person because a) there's not much around Netflix or Canal+ i find worth b) mainly because watching movies to me seems like numbing myself from pain... c) I'm too busy with other jobs.

However: cinema and movies have its space within my domain of interests, may it be art, philosophy and communicating messages (often of universal nature).
I'm particularly fond of italian and french cinema, american author cinema, it appears anything from the 60's and 70's to be quite interesting.

How about you?

So I came across Luis de Funes, incredible actor i must say. I have seen his movies in German when younger, then I discover him in French today, and voila its love at 'second sight'.

I find him very fascinating, poignant, expressive, it might be easy this days to judge him well since he is widely recognized as a genius... It wasn't like that back then were he was facing harsh critics.

Anyone that lives in France should take time to see him, find a glimpse of this years, well the 60's and 70's, how they were shaped and how society was back then. Nostalgic?

Besides Louis de Futon and some Truffaut movies (quite distinguished by itself) I'm wondering:
What are your favorite french movies. or any movies from the 60's 70's?

Anything modern but not post-modern, you understand my meaning: a time where actors still relied on their gestures, elegance and mimics to get across a point.


Thanks for the recommendation Brian.

I looked in Bouvril and Fernandel, both look somewhat familiar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndMwzuzL0_U

We have a boxed set of the gendarme films. Louis de Funès created a global image of the buffoonish gendarme yet he was actually Funès de Galarza son of a Spanish aristocrat Carlos Luis de Funès de Galarza and his mother Leonor Soto Reguera a marquess from Galarza and daughter of a prominent Galician politician. He was a gifted linguist and jazz musician but he acted, as he said himself, with his face and not his lines. Along with André Bourvil and Fernandel he used expression to convey humour and with over 120 films to his credit was France's most popular actor in the 1960s and 70s. A unique actor who has no real heirs, today's crop of French comedy actors being ridiculour rather than funny, therefore never gaining the enormous international following he had. I have seen 'Le gendarme se marie' and 'Le gendarme et les extra-terrestres' many, many times yet both have me chuckling to laughing out loud.

We also have several Fernandel films, I love 'La Vache et le Prisonnier', also the 'Don Camillo' films are superb, ' L'Auberge rouge' and 'Regain' for his face doing the acting. Two more films I love are Jean Gabin in 'La Horse' and Bourvil's 'Le Corniaud' with de Funès - I am not sure whether Carcassonne has ever recovered from their antics.