Lovely cat needs a home

Hello everyone,

My neighbour urgently needs a home for her 4 years old blue point Siamese. A neutered male he is used to a garden and cat flap.

Tattoo, microchipped, all vaccinations are up to date and he has a Pet Passport.

Was due to go to the UK but prospective owner backed out due to personal reasons. We are in Béziers.

Thank you.

He is gorgeous (as they all are) thanks for such a fabulous photo Linda.

Wishing you all the best to find him a great place.

Hi Lynne,

I can certainly get the microchip number prob. tomorrow. My neighbour is, due to unforseen circumstances having to move to a small rental apartment (no garden, no pets).

Here is a photo of 'Theo'.![](upload://1FSG7b5cR9ZA7vOsyPfOOt2sSGF.JPG)

Best of luck Linda,

Do you have the microchip number please and a photo would be great!

It is always good to know why the cat needs rehoming too.