Lovely French recipes

Made my mouth water reading this. Each dish has a recipe linked to it.


Had a quick buzz thro’ those Mandy, Babeth has made most of them for us, and I can enthusiastically confirm, yes they are delicious :yum::yum::yum:

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We find here in Burgundy we have far too much boeuf bourginon and not enough fresh seasonal food.

Yay! This is a much nicer discussion topic than the one that asks about the worst thing you’ve ever eaten. :wink:


Wow, there are several that sound absolutely delicious!!!

And, I could make them (I’m vegetarian). This meal for example:

Soupe à L’oignon: The queen of all soups. This is how New York Times food critic Amanda Hesser described it: “It is one of the strangest and most delicious soup recipes I’ve encountered. … By the time it is done, the ‘soup’ is like a savory bread pudding and the top has a thick, golden crust that your guests will fight to the death over.”

What to drink: A Beaujolais.

For dessert: Chocolate éclairs. The real ones are filled with chocolate cream and not vanilla custard…

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One of my favourite French recipes isn’t listed here. It’s ham and endive gratin. Really delicious. Here’s a pic of my version… although it could be anything with all that sauce :thinking::yum:


My favourite French dish as a child was … “French Pud”… so named as it was our French Grandmother who first dished it up to us… yummy…

Since then, seems that folk have “stolen” her recipe and turned it into a firm-favourite, easy-make dessert. :relaxed:

2 simple ingredients Jelly and Evaporated Milk… makes a little go a long way…:hugs:


Oh yummy. I love that.

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Recipe for the gratin please Mandy. This thread is tremendously useful and inspiring, so thanks for developing it. The 44 dishes will keep us busy for months if not years and the pictures make it look do-able, can’t wait to start… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Here are a couple of books my mother-in-law bought me for Christmas last year - I adore cooking!!!

My favourite has to be the confit de canard…


Recipe for ham and endive gratin.

Disclaimer: I doubt this is authentic but it’s how we like it.

Braise (in a covered deep frying pan) 4 smallish endive in a mixture of butter, juice of half a lemon, large cube of sugar, 2 tablespoons of water, salt & pepper until cooked the way you like them. This will usually take about half an hour.

Allow to cool in a colander to drain the liquid otherwise the finished sauce will have unattractive pools of endive liquor in it.

Make a lovely cheese sauce (or plain bechamel to be authentic). I usually make about 700ml as we love lots of sauce.

Then wrap each endive in a slice of good ham and place in shallow dish. See below. Pour over sauce and sprinkle on more cheese. Cook at 180°c (fan oven) for half an hour. Et voilà :yum:


We love this dish…yummy is not enough :hugs::heart_eyes:

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What do you usually eat with it? We often have pasta or maybe chips.

Normally a chunk of fresh bread (often part-bakes finished in the oven)… anything to dip into the super gooey, cheesey sauce… although it can be partnered very successfully with about anything and this makes it go a lot further when entertaining.

Ok ! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I think that maybe by now there are some of you who know that cooking is my least favourite chore and that my talents are sadly lacking in this department.
How dare you post all these delicious recipes without at least asking me round to your house to sample them ?
Cruelty doesn’t cover it, you have made my mouth water and now you make me suffer!
Please make a very hungry, inadequate person happy by offering me a meal or three, I will guarantee to lick the plates clean :wink:


Come on Ann… you can manage some of these… dead simple and delicious…

I lack the motivation, however I will come to yours in exchange for a few hours of DIY ! :grin:

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:+1: ok, whitewashing the garage, chaux supplied, I will condemn mesel’ t’ kitchin, an cumm up wi’ summat nice :smiley: :yum:
An a bottle or two, o’ decent plonk!

It’s a deal Bill. I reckon I shall be spoilt rotten by you and Babeth. Of course the wine will come as a nice extra too :hugs:



I would love to invite you to my house for some ham and endive gratin but I imagine you are a very very long way from us. For the price of the fuel you could probably get a superior version in a fabulous restaurant.

Even better, you could hire a personal French chef for the evening :man_cook: