Low residue diet

Anyone have experience of a post-op low residue diet? Everything I normally eat like fruit and vegetables seem to be banned and after eating beef seven meals in a row in hospital I'm looking for something different! Can't see me eating pasta, rice and semolina for a month and my wife is having hysterics trying to compose appetising menus. So basically we're looking for menus? Ideas anyone?

The reason it's so long, Mary, is that he's ultra cautious!

Thank you all. Knew you'd come up trumps!

For post op patients or those who have had radiotherapy and a bowel that needs resting, no high fibre as you know. Its not so difficult to work out a menu....you are really looking for the opposite of the healthy stuff...so white bread not brown....white rice not brown....avoid things like weetabix and oatmeal...online you will find hundreds of ideas for recipes and meals...this is the sort of thing patients are usually sent home with: http://www.digestivewellness.net/pages/pdf_diets/diet_low_residue.pdf

Hi Terry, I am a registered dietitian and can help if you want. It is important to follow this diet if your doc recommended it. Here is my email: mbrighton@brightonyourhealth.com . I can send you some links for menu ideas for this diet or you can also look online by googling it. Just drop me a line and let me know. It is a bit long, (one month) to follow this diet, I usually see two to three weeks post op, but obviously your doc keeps it this long for a reason. Good luck!

Lots of them on here:



If you type low residue diet into your search engine you will find loads more recipes


Good luck and bon appetit!