LPG Heating in France

Hi all

I am new to SFN so please be gentle with me !

I am currently nearing the completion of the renovation of a very large barn into a home and hope to move out to France permanently in February next year.

Currently I am looking at the options for heating my property and initally considered two wood-burning stoves one to run the hot water and heating in the bedrooms and another to heat the lounge area. The size of the stoves I will need are very large and I have been given an approximate cost of wood for the winter period of around 600euros.

Another adviser has suggested that the way forward due to the size of the property might be to install and LPG tank in the garden and run the heating system from this. Choosing this option would of course be far less time consuming from the point of ensuring a constant source for heating is available and not having to worry about getting the wood fire burning when returning home but I am concerned about the actual cos of the fuel going forward.

Does anyone have any idea how the cost of LPG compares to other sources such as electricity or wood?

Thanks in advance of your help