Lucarne de toit

I am looking to replace old, leaky and drafty single glazed lucarnes. The glass itself is about 30cms x 50cms.

I have found modern versions in Lapeyre, Casto and Leroy which measure 45cms wide in total but the pane of glass itself is about 42cms. This would involve reworking all the plaster reveals which I am trying to avoid.

Does anybody know of anywhere that replicates the standard old lucarnes in thermique materials and double glazing? Despite the fact that most of us usually just whack in Velux units there must surely be a demand for my requirement.

Is this what you are talking about ?

Go to a menuisier and get it made.

Yes obviously but was hoping to buy off the shslf.

I don’t think a bunch of people on a forum, supplied with fairly approximative measurements, are going to be able to help you that much.
None of my windows and doors are standard size, getting them made wasn’t complicated or any more expensive than the off the shelf alternatives (which weren’t an option for me anyway).

I am not expecting a bunch of people on a forum to be able to assist me. I was rather hoping to hear from that one person who understands my task at hand rather than from other well intentioned souls who do not.

Hi Damian

If you would give more detail, when posting questions… and, as already mentioned… a picture if possible… we might well be able to assist you.

Trying to home in on what you are thinking/seeing is not easy…when there are several possibilities…


You might find something here

Thank you all for the input but I think we should drop the matter unless there are any professionals or knowledgeable amateurs who may be able to point me towards a source. I only gave approximate measurements as any builder types would understand what I was getting at. I have explored all the likely avenues and Velux themselves do not do anything that small. Having fitted numerous windows myself I would give my right arm to know where you can get made to measure windows for the same price as ‘off the shelf’ by the way.

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Prévôt in Bergerac made mine. Not that I would count even as a knowledgeable amateur seeing I have only had to define the specs and installation etc of the 38 windows in my house.


Why not try the Pages Jaunes for your area (and beyond) … they list all sorts of professionals… :grin:

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Since I don’t live anywhere in that area I can’t give you specific companies, but it surprises me a bit that you’ve not had success. Round here there is at least one menuesier in every commune, usually sole enterprises often 3rd or 4th generation. And usually in slightly tucked away sheds, with no websites. We renovated our gîte and the price was roughly comparable - not that there was an option for off the shelf as nothing standard size. We’ve also had a door made for an odd shaped arch, and shelves for odd shaped niches - not ikea prices for sure but not budget busting.

Alternatively look at nearby newish lotissements, and stop the next time you see some recent menuiserie you like the look of, and ask who they used?

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The number of windows that you have in your house is of no relevance to my initial request thank you nor is the fact that you took your own measurements. It is pretty much an accepted fact that made to measure windows are always considerably more expensive than standard sizes that can be bought ready made from the shop. This is pretty basic economics. If Prévot have bust the model then could you respectfully suggest that they open branches in Brittany immediately.

Further, none of this is in any way relevant to my initial request. I thanked all for their input and suggested that we drop the subject unless anyone had any specific knowledge that they could offer. There is usually somebody who has faced the same predicament who may have found a solution.

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I didn’t take my own measurements, I specified the wood, thicknesses, size and type of glass and double glazing. Then left it to the pros.

But I don’t think you are actually interested in how someone may have obtained a practical solution to a problem similar to yours.

Stick some plastic over it with duck tape, that should do.


Thank you Jane for taking the time to make those suggestions.

I think I need to re-phrase my original question………………………is there anybody who may know where I can buy double glazed ‘Lucarne de Toit’ off the shelf with glazed portion measuring within 1cm either way of 30cms wide by 50cms high.

If nobody is able to assist I will then have to resort to going through Pages Jaune and consulting local builders and menuiseries.

Fascinating to learn just how many sorts of Lucarne exist… :grinning:

I asked a simple and certainly non inflammatory question and having thanked people several times I do not expect to be abused.
I have yet to find someone who has found a practical solution to a problem similar to mine, hence the whole point of this thread Veronique Langlands. The fact that you personally ordered 38 windows is of no consequence to me.
If you are able to assist then advice will be appreciated. If you are not then I suggest that you refrain from insulting me.


Do Lapere still do made to measure items?

Yes they do David. Usually about a six week delivery time.

Lapeyre is an excellent source of well made articles… and they offer a “fitting” service as well.

Depending on how complicated your Lucarne is… it might be worth asking them to quote for the complete package…

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