Luton airport train services

Good evening- has anyone had experience of buying or collecting rail tickets from Luton Airport on arrival since the Covid pandemic. I am getting mixed messages on line. Some say ticket machines working, others say they are not. Cash machines are apparently not working. Grateful if any recent traveller can shed light. Thanks!

It may be worth posting a message on this forum:

Thanks Nigel. I found on arrival that there are machines in the travel centre area, but only from Thameslink. (I usually buy my tickets via X country). Unfortunately due to our plane being diverted (it landed at Marseilles and we were at Beziers) I didn’t get to Luton until we’ll past midnight when the train option was a non starter. I was so tired and fed up I paid a bandit in a cab to get to London quickly and safely.

Trains run 24/7 from Bedford to London.

I have always found the best way to get to and from Luton Airport - London is by bus.

Services may have reduced in Covid however.
And when the final link of the railway direct to the terminal itself is in place, which is quite soon, the train option may become better than any of the bus providers

I didn’t know about the Luton DART. That will be a massive improvement….it should be more comfortable too! Cannot find an opening date, but sometime next year….

Just to close off this topic (for now). On arrival at Luton to depart back to France, I asked in the travel centre about collecting rail tickets on arrival. They confirmed their machines do so. So the confusion lies with X-Country trains and their app saying that you have to collect from a railway station (not an airport). That is incorrect. I have alerted X country trains to their error. We will see if and when they correct it.
Thanks all for your indulgence.