M Castex - Point de Situation 12th November


nothing to change for another 2 weeks for most of us …

everyone must do their best to follow the regulations already in place…

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Jean Castex’s announcements on containment 12 NOV 18.00 (FRENCH TIME)

Containment review: “France faces a second wave of extremely strong epidemics”

“The health impact of the epidemic remains very severe. the number of deaths continues to rise”

“You know, we didn’t want to confine the whole country like we did in March and April”

“The effects we can measure are so far consistent with what we were looking for”

"But we can still make progress (especially on telecommuting)

“We are seeing a 16% drop in contamination”

“This trend is fragile, it must be confirmed in the long term”

“We don’t yet see the impact on hospitalizations when that’s basically our goal”

“It would be irresponsible to stop or even lighten the device”

"We have decided to maintain the containment rules for the next 15 days"

After a phase of learning, I gave the Minister of the Interior instructions of firmness"

Reinforced controls

Reduction of measures on December 1 if the figures are better

A second relief for the Christmas holidays if all goes well