Hi we have been in France a month now,and looking into putting our car on french plates.we have been advised (as we will be going back to england from time to time) to carry on getting it`s M.O.T Along with tax and insurance in England as it can work out cheaper and less hassle. Is this the case. Bill

err, there isn't a choice! If you live here then the car needs to be imported, and to be honest it's cheaper in France as there's no road tax and the CT only needs doing once every two years, and it's certainly a lot less hassle to do that if you're living here ;-)

First question."Where are you resident"?

If You will Live in France for more than half your time ie more than six months, You must re register your car because as a French resident that is the law.

As for convenience, well how much is your RFL? the trip back for an MOT, the cost of specialised Insurance while on permanent holiday abroad..................

Wherever the car is registered ATM it must be road legal in that country, naturally if you spend time in the UK you will be perfectly legal with French Plates, the additional bonus will be that you will be exempt from parking fines and speed tickets in the U.K :-)