Mac computer support in Brittany

My MacBook has just failed , does anyone know a repair shop in Finisterre or Brittany anywhere else?


Ian Sten

Footnote to this :- Apple have agreed to repair my MacBook by replacing the Nvidia graphic card. Huge relief to me as the Apple shop in Brest quoted €700.the machine is just over four years old so well done Apple!

Hi Ian, sounds pretty zapped, glad you found Darty.

Tried everything Ron - screen stubbornly remains black , even when connected to external screen. Problem started when loading pics from camera to iPhoto . Never had a serious glitch until changing to Lion three weeks ago.
I was in Darty in Brest yesterday and discovered they have a repair service for Mac.

Hi Ian,

you may well have done so, but have you gone through through gamut of 'self-tests' booting up in 'safe mode' etc?


Thanks Steve. It’s scary how much I’ve come to rely on a box of tricks for so much.