Macron and Merkel Make Friends With May Despite Brexit Deadlock

Or maybe they were just following their plan to “let her down lightly”.

It’s a bit sad and even humilating when other leaders feel they have to handle your Prime Minister with kid gloves because they feel so sorry for her.


It reminds me of sending kids college, you know you have not told them about all the things that might happen, but you wish they manage by their own.


May chose to take the job on, or did she?

Well someone had to… and better her than Boris I suppose.

Best of a bad lot? but I never thought I’d be thinking Corbyn might be a better option. Sometimes it’s better to have a strong leader even if you don’t totally agree with the direction they take you in. As long as they don’t head straight for disaster, which I don’t believe he would, it might be better to get somewhere rather than to go round in ever-decreasing circles until you’re dizzy, and get nowhere at all.


The problem for poor old May as we all know is, you have realist brexitaires, rabid out at all costs brexitaires, realist remainers and rabid remain at all costs remainers. Some sort of middle ground has to be found to placate both the realist remainers and the realist brexitaires. The rabid ones are irrelevant in the big picture.
Its obvious May was shoehorned in by members of the Tory old guard and members of the civil service. They needed to stabilize things quickly after the referendum didn’t exactly go as planned.
Could you imagine Leadsom as PM, or even Boris. What about Foxy Fox or Rees Mogg.

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Merkel and Macron are actually less likely to stab her in the back than are her own party… ( so are they all, all honourable men, not that TM is Caesar).